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Lawrie Duckworth

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Lawrie Duckworth is a British singer, songwriter, composer and band leader known for his lyrical intelligence, dark humour and original instrumentation.

In another age, Duckworth would have been a troubadour, a flaneur, a mariachi. Going from town to town playing his songs in return for a flagon of wine and a meat pie. In this age... Well, what kind of pies you got? He is a showman, a gunslinger, a lover and a storyteller.

Having toured the UK and Europe with The Duckworths, Lawrie needed more. He carried his guitar from old Havana to New Delhi looking for unusual characters and melodies before finding a second home in New Orleans. He performs hundreds of wildly dynamic shows with guest musicians every week.

“It can be a surreal ride, it can be a black comedy or you can play it to your grandma” -The Guardian


lawrie duckworth 2

The critically-acclaimed debut album "Wonderful Terrible Things", released in August 2019, is available to stream and on vinyl now.

"Lawrie Duckworth has made a great name for himself with his band and as a solo performer. His songs have a great balance of heartfelt beauty and bleak humour. If Bill Hicks wrote songs then they might sound like this..." - Bath Folk Festival

You can buy the vinyl copy or the digital download here | Buy FLAC + MP3 |  Buy Vinyl |

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