Well 250 odd long years ago, in an island archipelago, in the season of Lono. 
The natives thought that god returned during Makahiki but it was just James Cook after 10 long years at sea. 
He'd started eating walrus meat, his brain was in decline as he accidentally acted out each ritual divine, but all that we know and all we need to know for now is that old Captain Cook is going to meet his end somehow.
So Captain Cook don't go to Hawaii. Captain Cook you're not the God Lono. Captain Cook don't go to Hawaii aloha aloha aloha, you're a dead man walking.
It hadn't always been this way for our wily old explorer. No, he'd searched for Northern passages he found the australis aurora, disproved the southern continent he saw the siege of Quebec and he mapped the transit of Venus with a thing called the celestial sextant. 
Indeed he was a master cartographer he mapped half the world with his marine chronometer, kept his ships free from scurvy, he was famous worldwide. 
But old Captain Cook well he was in for a surprise. 
Captain Cook don't go to Hawaii. You are not the God Lono, you're now a mad old sailor.
When the good ship resolution set sail and then returned, "Lono" and his army were unwelcome as they learned. 
You see the festival had ended, these men were not divine, they gave the Hula girls the clap and killed our chiefs for petty crimes. 
As the beach erupted with cries for splintered oar, the king was lead towards the sea which barely rolled ashore. 
Even with the muskets and the canons of his crew the captain's bones were boiled and his heart was eaten too. 
Captain Cook don't go to Hawaii. You're not the god Lono. Aloha aloha aloha. It's not a bit like Tahita. Aloha...


It's too cold, too grey, too grim in this country. 
For 8 long months we've suffered in the damp and the dark. 
Now it's heating up and it's making me thirsty 
so after this let's go and get one in the park.
We can drink, let's drink, have a drink, let's drink to the sun. To the sun let's drink drink drink everyone. Let's drink. Have a drink. Let's drink to the sun. To the sun let's drink drink drink to the sun.
He made my hands and he shaped my tumbler. 
He made the drink and the rain and the thunder 
to make the crops and the flowers grow, 
so raise a glass and watch it glow. 
But I won't go too far, I'll never worship him. 
He's just a ball of many hydrogen. 
There's one thing I'd like to do, pour one for me and I'll pour one for you and we can drink... 
He's burning up, he's gonna go 
but in how long, well no one knows. 
He's ancient but he offers no solution. 
He makes you sneeze and causes revolutions. 
He gave us life, the golden ball 
and one day he will end us all. 
But for now, before he destroys the world, 
girls grab your girls or boys and boys grab your boys or girls let's drink.


Jeremy smiles, stares at the camera. 
Promises truth he'll endeavour to find. 
Audience wild, cheering and screaming 
a generous piece of their minds.
Turns to the stage, a great big fat welcome, 
clenching his jaw with adrenaline high. 
He's just like all of us, ladies and gentlemen, 
but he knows all your secrets and lies.
First up is Dean, a pale gladiator. 
Furrowed, confused by the writers backstage, 
he's mumbling nonsense through harsh interruptions. Jeremy rattles the cage... 
And we know that he's a liar, 
know that he's a hypocrite. 
So why is he there twice a day? 
It's a circus of grief, 
he's the evil ringmaster, 
loving his power and fame.
Now he's annoyed, like a camp sergeant major 
fanning the flames where another suns shines. 
Look at his face! You've got no backbone. 
Jeremy's made up his mind.
Tiffany is tired. She's angry, hormonal. 
Let's get her out and then look at her cry. 
Suddenly stroking her, calling her sweetheart, 
fixing his sinister eye.
Thorough and calm. Fair and impartial. 
Tragically Jeremy's none of these things. 
A dangerous voice to hear call out morals. 
A poisonous song that he sings.


I stare at the clock, 
every second is pounding. 
There's a click in my brain as I try not to count it. 
I'm dreaming it seems 
and the gods, they are divided. 
Yes they are. 
Oh, no they're not. 
They are still undecided 
but I've been waiting a long long time, 
I can't remember what for exactly.
It's raining again 
but it's dark so I like it. 
On a wide old dragon's 
back through the night with my sidekick. 
Onwards as the planets fall and fade, 
we asked the same old questions 
and we wait.
I've been waiting a long long time 
I can't remember what for exactly 
but I've been waiting a long long time 
I just couldn't tell you what for right now.
Battles within, 
battles without, 
saddled with sin 
and blessed with doubt.
It's like velvet you stamp, 
when the winter is biting 
and it squeaks under feet like the water's excited. 
Winter's charmed with rosy glows 
and snow capitulating. 
Oh yes it is. 
Oh no it's not. 
I'm just so sick of waiting.
But I've been waiting a long long time it's just I can't remember what for right now.


It seems a cruel and twisted circumstance to me, 
that the good must live in torment while the wicked are set free. 
Or perhaps I was mistaken thinking so simplistically. 
There's so many things that I just didn't see.
You were alone, 
at least you thought so anyway. 
We were lined up right behind you ready for that weight. 
Things we shared beyond all language and vocabulary, but some little things that I just didn't see.
I didn't see, now the seven deadly sins are rounding me 
and everyone is left here devastated by the things they didn't see.
It was her fault, 
at least we thought so anyway. 
Telling lies and twisting knives, 
that's what sealed your fate. 
Now she spends her days with less than half a family. 
I can't help but think that she just didn't see.
I was at home, 
the smell of winter in the air. 
Cinnamon and clementines and anger and despair. 
The look upon your brother's face your father on his knees. 
Oh, the things you did that you just didn't see. 
In a hospital adorned with Christmas trees. 
Waiting for forgiveness and relief from all the things I didn't see.


No sleeping tonight, 
I am turning. 
No, not at my best, 
no tricks to suggest, 
no hope of a rest, 
no hand on my chest.
No sleeping tonight, 
I am smoking. 
No knocks at the door, 
no fire to roar, 
no clothes on the floor, 
nobody at all.
No sleep tonight.
No sleeping tonight, 
I am burning. 
No meeting of eyes, 
no roses, no sighs, 
no birds flying high, 
all that was a lie. 
No sleep tonight.


I should tell the angels how I let it slip. 
I thought I fixed it but still it drips. 
I thought I caught it but I let it go, 
now I will see him but I do not know when that will be. 
Sometimes I fear it is the devil in me.
You might be up on the 11th floor, 
the view's delightful but he wants more.
He wants to lift you up into the sky 
and when you're falling he'll tell you you can fly. 
Oh gravity, I hit the ground it was the devil you see.
But you know I try. 
God knows that I try. 
Well, I sometimes try. 
I've been known to try. 
But I'm tired. 
The devil made me tired. 
You know there is a fire that burns inside of me, I fear it is the devil in me.
The weather's clement and the air is sweet. 
You're vegetarian but I'm thinking of meat, 
a darkened room and the greasy sauce, 
a glass of whiskey and a blunt cigar. 
Oh shame on me he lives it Up you see the devil in me. Oh but I try... 
It's nice to meet you you have wonderful hair 
but it's not just you and me. 
The devil he's there. 
While I smile and tell you you're fascinating, 
I picture us doing such terrible, wonderful terrible things. 
Oh, can't you see? 
You must forgive me because it was the devil in me.


Oh my darling. 
Well, there have been some good times, 
but they have also been some bad times too. 
Love is just so very, very crazy. 
I don't know what to do. 
Sometimes I feel so blue, like should I be with you?... 
No. I'm breaking up with you. 
Oh yeah, I'm breaking up with you. 
I wasn't sure but now I am, it's through. 
You begged for borrowed time and stole some too. 
It really isn't me, in fact, it's you. 
It's true. 
I'm breaking up with you.
I've heard it all before. 
I knocked 3 times upon the devil's door. 
Hurried over awkward cobbled floors, 
I battled through the night like a conquistador, 
or a fool. 
I'm breaking up with you.
It's over now my friend. 
You laugh, I laugh, but then the laughter ends. 
Our love's a mountain, we must now descend. 
How else can I say it? 
Maybe French? 
Adieu, je romps avec vous.
Oh yeah, I'm breaking up with you. 
I've got to fly my bird, it's time I flew. 
This contract of the heart, I'll not renew. 
If love is just a game I think we drew. 
Our love's a sinking ship and we're the crew. 
I pondered and I puzzled like Lao Tzu. 
John is me and Yoko Ono's you. 
I'm hoping that this won't be misconstrued. 
It's like I'm Jesus Christ and you're the Jews. 
It's true, I'm breaking up with you. 
I'm breaking up with you.


I'll tell you at first I was unsure. 
I never thought I'd see so many people all around me everywhere. 
Then I told you I was feeling insecure, 
I thought that you had found some other chump and now you found you didn't care. 
But still I was unsure, because to me it seemed so far removed from what I knew. 
I thought I knew. 
If we sink beneath the waves, 
you know I'm there to find you air, 
I'm clambering ashore to be with you.
Then I hear it play, just the thought of you I'm carried away 
and our paths won't stray any pale winter's day. 
In the strangest ways, with the thought of you I'm carried away. 
Any awful days, we will now rearrange.
I was focused on the pain. 
I couldn't see those things so perfectly there on display, now it seems strange. 
When I think about the things I nearly broke 
and how I nearly lost that only girl, 
you know that I begin to choke. 
Then I hear it play...
Our paths won't stray 
we will not be estranged. 
In your finery, 
when you're standing right beside there with me, 
our lives won't stray 
any pale winter's day.


Be the best around. 
I was lost, now I'm found. 
And I found glory. 
All my friends are here, but not because of the fear. 
Oh no, we learnt about evil and the dark territories.
Just like my brother and just like my dad, 
I'll be a hero and you'll be congratulatory. 
I've got my thumb on the red button. 
Gonna prove my mettle, 
gonna win a medal, 
everything will burn like a crematory.
There's a statue which stands 
looking down on the land, 
but what does it even really mean? 
It means glory.
It's the finest display, it's the hair in the gate, it's the very best show of the anger I've known.
We were told of a heavenly throne 
bathing in the light, 
grateful every night, 
guilty every day, 
pray we're not in purgatory. 
Half alive on the floor, 
they can't remember what for. 
For glory.
One day we'll head up to town 
and we can break up the crowns 
which gleam dim in the sun 
which slowly sets on their glory.


There's an ancient creeping shadow looming over me. 
Looks like I lost the trail again. 
Though I can't tell quite exactly what it's supposed to be. 
Some things are just too big to see.
Well, they say in Hispaniola, 
or maybe in Peru, 
they say, because the tribes did not believe, 
they didn't notice all those giant boats which came for them. 
Maybe they were just too big to see.
You can almost see it sometimes, 
nearly feel the shape it casts 
in the morning's bleeding memories. 
Like the dream you chase until daylight's pale absurdity, 
some things are just too big to see.
There's a spectrum full of colours that our eyes cannot absorb, 
sounds that you and I will never hear. 
Though we blink and stretch and kneel and hope and breathe and pray, 
those things are all too big to see.
There's a billion shifting atoms struggling against their atrophy. 
I heard that time's just made up anyway. 
Like the insect in a sapling as it turns into a tree, 
some things are just too big to see.
toby cover
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